A starring role for the 3-star Hotel Le Royal

As part of its commitment to promoting young people in art, every year the Vacances Bleues Foundation invites one young artist to become their artist “in residence” and create a new piece. One of these young artists was the talented Aurore Valade, whose photographs you can now see on display at the 3-star Hotel Le Royal in Nice.

Aurore Valade: A seasoned artist

Born in 1981, Aurore has already built up an impressive resume. She attended the School of Fine Arts in Bordeaux before studying at the National School for Photography in Arles, where she graduated in 2005. On completing her studies, she won two prizes – the Bourse du Talent (2005) and Quinzaine Photographique Nantaise (2006) – for a piece entitled Intérieurs avec Figures (Interiors with Figures). In 2008, Aurore was named the winner of the HSBC Photography Prize, and in 2009 she was selected to participate in the Biannual Young European and Mediterranean Artists forum.

Aurore has already exhibited around the world, with her work going on display in Turin, New York, Amsterdam and Ho Chi Minh City. And now you can also find some of her photographs at the Hotel Le Royal in Nice.
Images that paint a picture

In the autumn of 2013, Aurore Valade produced a series of “portraits of hotels” based on her visits to four hotels belonging to the Vacances Bleues group, including the 3-star Hotel Le Royal.

The photographer met with both staff and guests, capturing images which would later be worked on at length in the studio. The result is a series of “group portraits” that reflect her personal and sensitive interpretation of the hotels she visited.

These photographs are now on display at the Hotel Le Royal for all our guests to admire. So the next time you stay at our hotel on the Promenade des Anglais, why not take a moment to appreciate the work of this talented young photographer?

Now on display at the Hotel Le Royal.

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