Combine a stay in Nice with contemporary art

MAMAC, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Nice is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

A quarter of a century is definitely worthy of celebration! MAMAC is celebrating its anniversary with an exhibition entitled ‘Collectors’ that will put its collection in the spotlight. From 21 February to 10 May 2015, the museum’s three floors will be displaying over 200 works dating from the 1960s to the present day, temporarily blurring the line between permanent collection and temporary exhibition. An event that will not only let you stay in Nice but also travel back in time!

A weekend in Nice combining Pop Art and Nouveau Réalisme

The exhibition, which to give it its full title is called ‘Collectors, from the painting to the object’, demonstrates the extent to which a museum’s permanent collection evolves to present successive readings of art. Audiovisual productions will also be featured, underlining the growing importance of videos. MAMAC will be offering a veritable showcase of different trends :

  • Minimalism.
  • Pop art.
  • Conceptual art.
  • Nouveau réalisme and the Nice School.

In particular, it focuses on ‘the potential of the gesture’ and the ‘poetic recycling of the real’. After the exhibition, a visit to the city centre will let you discover another era. Nice’s three-star hotels can often give you suggestions for walks and excursions.

A city-centre hotel is the most practical way to visit Nice!

If you visited the museum during a previous stay in Nice, it is still worth coming back again to explore this ‘journey through the art of assembly through the use of unfinished or waste items’. If you have not been here before, this is your chance to discover the magnificent building, its American pop art collection and masterpieces by artists Niki de Saint Phalle and Yves Klein. But even if you are not an aficionado of modern art, this exhibition gives you the opportunity to admire ‘not-to-be-missed’ works from all periods, and to understand the artistic issues and innovative outlooks, while confronting your emotions.

The three scenarios represent an opportunity to get away from it all in the capital of the Côte d’Azur, so why turn it down? Start planning your short break now by booking a hotel in the centre of Nice, just steps away from MAMAC. The private viewing of ‘Collectors’ is scheduled for Friday 20 February at 7 pm.