A stay in Nice, discovering its heritage

Of Nice we know its Promenade des Anglais, its carnival and its old town. However, when wandering through the off-centre streets, one can see that the city abounds in a certain interesting historical heritage that deserves to be explored. The team of your 3-star hotel in Nice presents its selection.

Churches to discover from your 3 stars hotel in Nice

In the old Nice, there are several religious buildings of remarkable architecture. One can linger on Tzarewitch Boulevard to contemplate the Orthodox Cathedral of St. Nicholas, the largest church of its kind ever built outside Russia. Built on the exact site where the son of Alexander II of Russia died of meningitis, it is now classified as World Heritage Site of Historic Monuments.
A little further on, the churches of Saint-Jacques and Divo Jacobo are masterpieces of Italian architecture. They were built by the Jesuits at the end of the 18th century in identical colours. The headquarters of the parish of Saint-Jacques le Majeur, no less than 160 angelots are to be discovered.

Diane’s temple

If you look around the outskirts of Nice, you can stumble across more or less unusual monuments. This is the case of Diane’s temple, or said of love, which is in the heart of Chambrun Park. Far from being a vestige of the ancient city, it was actually offered to his wife by Count Chambrun in 1890. Composed of 12 Corinthian columns more than 20 meters high, the kiosk hosts many concerts. It also attracts young couples looking for an idyllic setting for their wedding photos.

A stay in Nice to tour the castles

In the Baumettes district, you can see a magnificent castle that was completed in 1879. Built for Count Joseph Victor Victor Caravadossi of Aspremont, the castle of the Tower is an architectural curiosity. It is a neo-gothic and medieval mixture, and is proudly erected on the hill. Its monumental entrance houses a garden adorned with numerous statues depicting ancient gods or fantastic animals.

Avenue Valrose, stands a castle in the Anglo-Saxon style dating from the second half of the 19th century. Built by more than 800 workers for the modest sum of one million gold francs, this magnificent property belonged to Baron Paul Georgevitch von Derwies from Hamburg. It was the headquarters of the Presidency of the University of Science. Its ceilings and theatre, built by Markharoff, are still beautifully preserved today.

Take advantage of your stay in our 3-star hotel in Nice to get away from the city and discover its unusual monuments.